January 7th, 2014

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I am still experimenting with apps. Seeing what is out there. I just scrolled through 2,000+ apps searched by the word "random". I found a few interesting things but nothing that blows my mind but I found some that have interesting potential. There are a lot of random word generators now like the kind that is on top of the anacam webcam photo that randomly generates 4 words as the picture refreshes. Now there are a few apps that will generate 2 or 3 random words for you to inspire you. I also found a heck of a lot of random number generators. Like crazy amounts. I think people use those for gambling? I don't know. Lots of dice rolling apps. Lots of apps to help you randomly decide like flipping coin apps or "oracle" apps like the magic eight ball.

I found a really cool potential app called "automatic art". You stick in a word in it's search engine, it searches the internet for images matching that search and then randomly combines them. I love this one. It has so much potential but the search engine is weak. I put in search for anacam and Ana Voog but it kept coming up with the same 4 images which were a woman wearing one of my hats and the display window at smitten kitten when I had an art show there and the album cover of my band the blue up's ep now.
I found one that will take photos from your camera roll and put it in a cube shape then randomly change pictures to a tune on your iPod.
This is closer to what I am looking for. I am finding all the apps so I can show a person who makes apps what I mean when I say I want to make anacam into an random oracle art app.
Something that can search through all my images and writings and combine things randomly nonstop forever. Creating a moving nonsense collage that you can interact with.

So I am getting closer to my vision I think since I see all the parts out there being created now. The technology is finally here. I just need to find an app maker who can make me this.

Patrick Coleman said he could make me an app. I am going to show him all these things and see if we can collaborate on this.

I found also a weird mysterious app that will give you a random internet station to listen to. I like this since I live listening to other languages that I don't understand. I find it soothing. I will often put on foreign films just for the sound of them and the talking in German or French is especially nice.

I found an app that will "kaliedoscope" your photos. I haven't really investigated that one too much yet but I will later.

Lili is sick again with 102 degree temperature. Violet keeps handing me plastic food to pretend to eat. So I am juggling a lot coming at me as I try to type this.

I have a fire going in the fireplace. It's 2 below zero F right now. We are nice and warm and I am grateful.

Here are some images I created with the random apps. More later....(the woman in the automatic art photos is a woman wearing a hat that I crocheted from strips of fabric cut up from old vintage dresses)

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I have been working on in my head for the last 30 years. I haven't had the time to make it because it would mean dedicating several years to drawing very detailed fantasy world kind of like a cross between Edward Gorey and Jim woodring's work.

But I am now considering I could make a puppet of these characters and take photos and then use one of these apps that change your photo into a drawing. Cheesy I know but I just don't have 10 years to dedicate to making this detailed thing. So I may just use an app and render photos into things that look like comics.

I am experimenting with what kind of puppet would work best. What kind of materials. Cloth or rubber. How intricate or simple to make it. Then I can click the "make it into a cartoon" app, print it out and then I can add finishing touches by hand.

Something like that.

Here is the angel that was on top of our Xmas tree, a pineapple, a gourd, and our toaster rendered this way. Just seeing what I like for textures that render best for my purposes. This could save me insane amounts of time. I'm pretty excited at the possibilities.

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I don't need no freaking scanner

Screw scanners. They keep breaking.
I always lose the drivers to them.
They take forever.

I can document all of my paper stuff (interviews from magazine and photos) by just taking a pic of them with my iPod.

This would take way less time.

Hell yes. I'm on it.

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new webcam for the haunted spaceship show!

oh people! i bought myself the 1st ever webcam since the 90s. yessiree!
it's a logitech c270 HD wireless. the future! the past! it's colliding!!
i bought it for the purpose of The Haunted Spaceship e-show (on google plus and youtube)
by planetconcrete
the next show coming up is this friday at 9pm.

i can do it on the ipod but i am also going to try to desktop computer and see what that is like again.
i've never skyped anyone or done any kind of one on one video chat so last friday was a first for me.
kind of weird since i was on the "cutting edge" of technology in the beginning of anacam.
but it was never about being on the cutting edge of technology for me.
i always said that anacam was the sx70 polaroid time zero of the internet and so it really has shown itself to be,
with apps you can get for the ipod to "glitch" your photos like the old connectix cams used to when they would break or when you pushed them passed their limits (which i always happily did just to see what would happen)

it's RETRO now to glitch your pix. i always loved the glitches.
every time logitech would "improve" the quality of their webcams they never were as fun.

but this one will be fun because it's for the haunted spaceship!

ok, so now what can i download for CHEESY EFFECTS that will work for a google hangout??

any suggestions?

although 1st i need to plug this cam in and see if it works 1st.
it's been sitting at my door in the snow in sub zero temps for awhile so i hope it'll be ok.


ok, it's not wireless. that's ok.
also i find it funny that the motto is "go beyond "built in"
because i am still thinking that a built in webcam is pretty cool.
but i guess people forgot that webcams used to not be built in almost all our devices now.

also i didn't even have to download drivers from a cd.
it just automatically started downloading the drivers from the internet the second i stuck the thing in the usb port (which is convenient but a bit creepy)

i can't figure out how to adjust settings to this since i have no webcam capture software.

i'm trying to figure out how i can see what this looks like without downloading skype or something.
and even then do i have to call someone to see it?

there seems like there should be a place i am able to fiddle around with this thing without having to make a "call" to someone.

ok, it says there is a camera app to adjust things.
where this is because it says it's at the start screen in windows 8.
but i don't think i have windows 8. i have no idea what version of windows i am using.

probably windows 7.

oh wait, there are instructions for other versions of windows. i should stop typing and read the manual.

time passes:

i should not have worried that i could not glitch out the new logitech webcams.

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why why why

so i thought i'd give it a try and use the only remaining webcam ftp software i know that i got to work last (called webcam ftp uploader 2004 or something)
and i can see my new webcam works in it.
and it seems that i am uploading a photo.
but then nothing happens. now my cam is just black.

i am TRYING to make anacam work again.
i've been trying to get it to work again now for years but i just can't get anything to work.
it's maddening