January 4th, 2014

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Good morning!

I'm still feeling all glowy this morning after the haunted spaceship show we did last night :) that was the most fun I've had in quite awhile! I really hope people watch it and spread it around. And what more is to come? The possibilities are endless. With this new technology the things we can do are amazing. I can think of so many fantastic uses for video conference chats that the entire world can view :) amazing!

iconz by rouk

I love my family :)

Violet likes to draw on herself :) in this way she takes after me :) it's a curious and wonderful thing to watch unfold :)

Today is a really nice mellow day. I needed that :) has some yummy goat cheese and fig jam on crackers and sliced cucumbers for lunch.

Added new clips to a few jumpcam videos. There is one that really cracks me up bad called "John's video on nov 20" ( or is it 30). Anyway I've been flipping it backwards and making us have chipmunk voices and slicing it and then I stuck it through the magisto app and I am tres amused.

bayarts showed me this really fab app called kaleidoscope that I am also having mucho fun with :)

The cold front is moving in and the Windchimes are chiming away. We have some wood ready in case there are any power outages during this crazy 50 below zero F weather.