December 31st, 2013

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Tidying things up

Deleting my fb app makes me feel anxious. It's so bizarre. I had to do it tho or I am just not going to switch back to here. I gotta cut off my supply! It's becoming clear that the internet which is now basically social media and things like buzzfeed or whatever with lists of things like "10 crazy ways to..." Is not a place conducive to innovators or creators of anything more than memes. Of which I have had enough of. No more short attention society for me, I want to indulge in large oak trees and sit in one spot noticing the small beauty in things that you can only get from knowing a place or thing well. If it is meant to be that I should have an audience again. They will find me. I am not a business. I am not selling anything. I am not promoting anything more than common sense and sanity in an insane world. This is the place for the small. The forgotten. The tiny treasures tucked away for someone to delightfully take notice of quietly. No sign this petition and join my cause. No links to huffpo or upworthy. No quickie Memes about how to save your soul, your health, your wallet. No omg look at what the tea party and libtards are up to. None of that. No likes no votes. Just words. Strung together...some times. Photos, not always perfectly square. Videos which contain long whole minutes of actual silence. No pressure. I'm just here being me in whatever form that takes today. Facebook was a good experiment. It was worthwhile. I learned a lot about things. But now it is time for the small treasures again. Where every breath is a "life event". And that's the way I like it. No competing for anything. No looking at stats on "organic" whatever. I don't need to know who reads this page. I'm just going to write here whatever the heck is on my mind and show you things I think are beautiful. Happy new year all my loves :)

iconz by rouk

jumpcam videos i am working on

jumpcam is an app for mobile video collaboration.
now that i am in livejournal and i can embed things here i am going to see if my 1st jumpcam video i started will embed.

ok, no it does not. is that because it is in an "iframe"?

here is the link to it:

you can only add to it by downloading the jumpcam app. i hope in the future we can all have a page there that we can access on the nonmobile, as well. they are working on many new features.
how to embed this jumpcam video tho! always something to learn :)

ah by looking at the code i figured out i DO have a page i can view in a browser on the desktop computer:

lookee there!

i am going to put the html here for the embed anyway so i can try and figure out why it is not showing up here:

iframe src="" allowFullScreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" class="jumpcam-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="645" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> so i hope i can see the html show up here and someone can give me a helping hand on what to do

another link:

testing testing...