January 27th, 2013

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good morning :)

good morning everyone :)
intense dreams! full moon?
wow. really working a lot in the dream state. trying to remember what i was doing.
it was very apocalyptic and had many cathedrals in it.
i have mentioned this on fb but not here, that apocalypse means "to reveal what is hidden"
when you think of it that way. we are all , right now, in our mini acpocalypses in our own way which are reflected into the macrocosm and vice versa.

this has been, at least, true for me, and quite a few of my friends.
the whole 2012 thing. and now 2013 is the time to clean out our darkest closets and feng shui.
(get things in order to flow in a effortless fashion for our benefit and the benefit of others)

last night i was ringing many bells. and swimming many rivers.
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violet turning 4 years old!

i can't believe violet will be 4 in a few weeks. i ordered her a child's laptop for her birthday because she is obsessed with my netbook (probably because i am obsessed with my netbook). she really loves technology. it comes naturally to her as if she were born to do it. it's wild to see. don't worry tho, she won't be getting a cellphone, internet connection without total supervision or webcam ANYtime soon. i'm going to be pretty restrictive and hardcore in that area.
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technology and whale sounds

i felt super "future" last night. we were listening to squarepusher but that was too razzing for night time and i was too tired to go downstairs and look for a different cd. so i went on amazon and bought 2 hours worth of whale sounds for 89 cents, put it on the ipod and docked it into my new "boombox" thing. and voila! that was pretty darn cool, i must say.