January 25th, 2013

side face

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uploading another video i made. but this one has a bit of nudity so i am uploading to vimeo and that takes much longer to do *waits* it's funny to see my life in this way. it feels like a million years ago and only yesterday.

this is so much fun. now i added it to tumblr and then i pinned it. ha. this is going to take forever. it's a good thing i have patience for things like this. it feels good to get these pix into a new format and onto other places so they don't just disappear into the ether. for whatever that is worth. little diary entries
side face

"oh, you pretty things...dontcha know you're drivin' your mamas and papas insane?"


going through the archives. such a weird feeling.

and summer seems so far far away....

i need to get my hands back into the warm dirt
i want to see what perennials made it through this winter
we have a mouse in our house. maybe we'll catch it tonight.
the moon is huge and full.
i should get to bed soon. no staying up late like the old days.