July 23rd, 2009

iconz by rouk

LAST TIME EVER to gain entrance to ana2!

i am going to shut down the business aspect of anacam.
so if you want into ana2 this will be the LAST TIME you will be able
to gain entrance to it!

sign up now at:
for a one time only LIFETIME membership to ana2.

(when you sign up for ana2 it will say that it is month by month..but
ignore that. it is not the case. you will be only charged one time and
then never again)

in a few weeks, you will NEVER be able to get into ana2 ever again.
whoever gets in now gets in and then that is IT.
the doors will be shut.

so sign up now for ana2 (you will never be charged again)
or forever be on the outside.

i may even shut down the public aspect of the cam and just have the
cam inside ana2.

i'm going smaller and simpler and moving to the country :)

in other news, we put in an offer on a house...and now i am just in
the nail biting waiting phase to see if they accepted the offer!
wish me luck!