August 6th, 2007

iconz by rouk

choosing your perceptions

it is interesting to me how what i share with the world tends to either bring out the incredible darkness in others, or the side of light.
here are two completely opposite responses i received today in regards to lili, her condition, and me being the mother of her.

the dark (this is a response in support of a person on lj who was a jerk to me, telling me that all i do all day is sit on my ass in front of my webcam and think up silly middle names for my daughter...):

"So, this narcissistic exhibitionist, by the power vested in her, brought bad Karma on you for expressing an opinion??? Such self-import!!
I think the G*dess was very wise. A "normal" child would have a miserable life of humiliation and embarrassment that her mother made a living by constantly photographing her private parts for the world. My guess is that when the attention and novelty wears off, the grandparents will be raising the wee one. Sickness; it's what's for breakfast."


the light (an email i received today which brought tears of joy to my eyes. one of the most kind emails i have ever received in all my life)

"as with many others.... we followed your pregnancy and celebrated birth and neu life with you and m. my girls are ana fans from its inception..... being themselves internet pioneers....... first on the front and still broadcasting the tru pulse. as early instigators of altar-native life styling......... we support the sovereign spirit in all creative life.... and commend you on your unique authenticity.

but this is not really what i came to say to you.

i read that sweet lili is a downs baby and decided that the love woven within her is worth the extension to stand in witness of. there is something very special about these souls...... and if they are nurtured and honored in love and acceptance..... the radiant love that they exude is quite unlike any other...... with golden hearts that stand as example and reminder to us all. many of this xtra chromosome group are pressured out of their innately wonder-full natures by the weight of resentment inflicted by parents and family who - out of their own vanity - cannot accept them as the gift that they are.

you ana voog have been a champion of the tolerant spirit. challenging those of narrow mind and constricted heart to face up to the limitations of prejudice and exclusiveness........ to show their tru face and shine in celebration of ALL the facets of this Diamond Life...... re-cognizing UNIty dancing within diversity. in your love and honoring of little lili.... and your willingness to share this journey of motherhood with the world....... have the opportunity to teach acceptance in neu ways......... and expand many hearts.

i just wanted to let you know (and i am sure you already do)..... how many tender arms embrace you.... lili...... and michael...... on the Inr planes and outer world....... and how many of us here in the cyberlight support you..

welcome to the 'world of woman' dear ana....... the rite of passage had only through the birthing of a child. no longer a girl (un)dressing up or down....... you are now a Goddess with the power to transform.

sending you deepheart love and the strength of soul that calls forth the Excellence in ALL."