July 31st, 2007

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i wish i had the energy to figure out my digital camera again, but i don't!
so here's one from the cam taken today :)

i will give you a full account birth story soon.

but right now we are all exhausted and overstimulated.
thank you everyone for your well wishes!

we all need to recuperate and regroup and swaddle ourselves.

i wish i also had the energy to tell you all more now but my bottom is so sore that it hurts to sit at this desk chair and i need to go lay down again and have some time with my man and child.


p.s. i will say that it is true birth is the most painful experience EVER.
and it is a total lie that you forget the pain as soon as the child is born.
i remember every last traumatizing second of it!
but of course she is worth it!
but ya....wow...i was not at all prepared for how PAINFUL that would be!
i screamed like a wounded animal pretty much the entire time (and i mean SCRRRREEAAAMMMED!)
it was completely primal.
i had to push for over 2 hours!
i only had to get ONE stitch :)
thank god i made it through.
i couldn't have done it without M :)

edit to my post that i made in the pregnant lj community...added here, as well, just in case...
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