July 30th, 2007

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40 weeks!

today is the official "due date"
although only 5% of babies actually arrive on their actual due date, and a due date is only a wild guesstimate at best,
i have been having mentrual like contractions since about 5:30am this morning. some have been regular at 6 minutes apart.
and then sometimes they are not at all regular. they are not increasing in intensity.
but they are enough to make me wonder if she may actually arrive tonight or sometime extremely soon.
just not sure...
it could go on like this for days or it could stop altogether or it could turn into "something"

how is that for vague?

i'll tell you tho, they hurt much more than just plain old braxton hicks contractions.
some of them feel like someone just punched me in the stomache.

m was going to go to the dmv today but decided to stay home with me just in case.
and the midwife comes over at 2pm to give me my weekly checkup.

meanwhile we're watching the wonderful movie "babette's feast"

it is bizarre to have made it to this day. it was such a far away thing last winter...and now it is here.

and in other news, ingmar bergman died today.
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14:41:49 - 14:42:31

14:45:55 - 14:46:42

14:51:01 - 14:51:44

14:56:57 - 14:57:15

15:01:18 - 15:02:10

15:04:52 - 15:05:46

15:08:11 - 15:08:41

15:10:10 - 15:10:29

15:13:52 - 15:14:36


will this lead to something or will they pitter out?
i'm scared...

will continue to time them.


15:18:18 - 15:18:44

15:22:04 - 15:22:50

15:25:36 - 15:26:15

15:29:15 - 15:30:05

15:34:59 - 15:36:31

15:38:48 - 15:39:32
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