July 27th, 2007

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still pregnant.
not much to report.
went walking in the mall of america for 6 hours yesterday and then had a fancy italian dinner.
i was so wiped out from the walking. but it was good to walk even tho it was very difficult to do so at times.
at one point saw a store that sells big bean bag couches and i flung myself on one of them in desperation and i swear i could have just fallen asleep there, amidst the noise and flurry of activity.
had lots of BH contractions at the mall and in the restauraunt had them more frequently (4 to 6 an hour i would guess) and thought it might be the start of something,
but as soon as we got home and i layed down, they went away, mostly.
so that was that.
today i feel no differently.
maybe she'll come on the full moon on sunday. *rolls eyes*
but ya, i pretty much feel like i will be pregnant for 500 weeks right now.


please don't tell me to be patient and she'll come when she is ready because....
i already know that times infinity :)
and my hormonal state will rip your head off, verbally, if i have to hear that one more time.
(also amidst the "you better think about inducing or that baby will be too big! teh crazy!1!")
thank you!

me tired.

the italian food was nummy but the restauraunt played the most atrocious music way too loudly.
except for when the song "lovecats" by the cure came on exactly at the same time they brought out M's piece of chocolate cake with a candle on it.
that was magical :)

it's still so hot outside...
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