April 12th, 2007

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an article from jornal do brasil about my cam

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basic translation (it's KIND of similiar to the interview i gave her but really hacked up):

"It has been on the air for 10 years, and AnaCam still attracts web-surfers

It's been 10 years since Ana Clara Voog started to transmit her life on the internet. Webcams and wires make tasks like cleaning and amusing the pooka dogs difficult while still maintaining the 24 hour site AnaCam- the oldest still active site in operation. The first night happened one year after JenniCam- the first site for live broadcast of daily life, which ended in 2003. Ana argues that she's "very different" than Justin TV. Anacam is an art project. I'm also a lot more personal and emotional than Justin TV. We know Justin's routine, but not who he is, the 41 year old American critiques of Justin's attempts to create "a show." She says that "at times, there
may be shows on AnaCam, it's only a part of the project." I will give birth to my child in July, at home. AnaCam is my life, it gets emotional. Ana started transmitting for fun, but ended up discovering 'more about the human psyche. People see themselves in my cameras. I realized that from the feedback I've received over the last decade- she says. For Ana, the secret to staying on air for so long, and keeping the interest of the websurfers is simple- everyone's different. People follow a project like mine because real life does not have a script or a cast, like a novel. It's always surprising- she philosphizes.
Adriana Amaral, doctor in communication for the PUC-RS adds "to record your own life full-time and put it on the the web became an element of technology's mythology, and part of pop culture".'

jpeg of pdf file:


here is what i actually was asked and what i wrote back:

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