August 26th, 2006

iconz by rouk

the unenthusiastic undead, unwelcome at carwash experience.

the stay at the 'OTEL was quite sufficient :)
i have video of M and i mashed potato wrestling!
i'll put it up in ana2
it was a tie :)
afterwards the fire department hosed us down and unbeknownst to me, it made the zipper to my janitor suit i was wearing unzip almost to my navel and no one dared tell me until about 5 minutes later. ya. nice.
when an old farmer asked if he could take a picture of my cleavage with his cell phone...that clued me in to my predicament.
(i told him no!)

potato sausage wrapped in lefse is pretty much god.
we tried to get potato pancakes made by the knights of columbus, but the line was just too damn long and we needed to get home.

but ya, potato pancakes made by a secret fraternal organization is too bizarre to even describe in one sentence...
i'm sure they were delicious.
(yes, yes i know most men who join these groups are not aware of the origins or the upper echalons of what their group is really about. most are just worker bee ants who make pancakes and are very nice people who have no clue as to what the KOC are at the top levels. and yes, i am a conspiracy theorist, and no, please don't debate me on it because i've been studying this for YEARS now and i don't have time to get into it.)

we'll go back next year.