August 22nd, 2006

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anacam's 9th ana-versary!

today is anacam's 9th ana-versary, can you believe it's been that long???

have my pix sent to you by email :)

my other lj anavoog


my hats:

me on deviant art:

about me in wikipedia:

archive of my favourite campix:

my main site and public webcam:

my private site, cam, and journal:
(this is where everything is, over 8 years of archived everything)

my discography:

me on myspace:


here are a few communities of mine that i've created and moderate:

the crochet community! beginners to advanced! traditional to freeform!

photo contest! a new theme each week!:

post artistic photos of things that are dead:

photos of your pets:

photos of stuffed animals:


(i deleted all entries from this journal except for this one.
and also from my it journal
they are all archived in


my lj photos from 2000-2006 (not in much of an order)

a few galleries from 2000-2006 of photos of mine i have shared with you via LJ (this is not a "best of" of my photography or anacam, but simply what i have uploaded to LJ since i started one..and also, in the beginning, the photos were very small because bandwidth was a huge issue for me):
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