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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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Obligatory selfie of the day.
iconz by rouk

Age 47. 3 children, 2 living. 1 home birth, 2 cesarians. Breast implants, breastfed all children via pumping. Weight 127. Height 5' 2". Cheap reader glasses from target. I have my period right now. Maybe the last one. I had coffee and birthday cake for breakfast. Today is sunny and zero degrees F. How are you?


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I admire you so very much and think you are extremely beautiful!!! With that said, I am fine thanks. Eating way too many chocolate truffles at the moment but they just taste soooo good. The drawing on the mirror looks almost like two hands reaching out for your boobies.

That was me commenting by the way. Wasn't logged in. Ehhh.

I see Violet helped with the artwork?

Your body is so beautiful. ❤️

Thank you :) I have a hard time taking compliments but I'll take it today :) ha :)

Immediately a Mother Goddess figurine came to mind, then I found a pic of EXACTLY what I saw in my mind's eye, but it won't let me paste the pic in these comments.

Older than time, stronger than eons, wiser than the universe...

Fearless, facing forward, exactly as we might expect. Plus, looks like you grew into those implants!


just as beautiful as ever. =)

Okay, no compliments then, so I just say this: Yes! :-)
As to how I am: Age 49, one broken neck, one lover, one cat and genetically incapable of pessimism. Weather: Around 5°C, sunny. Even cheaper reading glasses from Amazon. Tired (big news there), about to have breakfast. I'm fine.:-)
PS.: Funny thing, the last weeks I was looking for quality artistic nudes of women our age and I found practically nil. So I'm planning to do a photo book myself (provided I find the time and energy). And I don't want to be along the lines "oh look, still good-looking at that age", which I find offensive. I want it to be just "wow, how sexy (or beautiful, or erotic)".
While I understand (and experience myself) the basic caveman program built in male eyes and brains that makes my mostly demented gender so perceptible to depictions of young, sparsely clad women, I don't get why obviously most men don't seem to see that the attractiveness and erotic appeal a.k.a. sexinessincreases with age and experience. But I'm ranting and I better stop now, else this could go on for a while…

Hi, thanks for asking! I'm: Camera-shy. Age 57. 1 child. 1 pregnancy, 1 cesarian.* Weight 108. Height 5'3". Expensive no-line bifocals (called progressives) for bad vision and high astigmatism. Last period was about a year ago. I had oatmeal with blueberries and my favorite self-ground, French Pressed, dark roast coffee for breakfast. Today was partly cloudy and about 70 degrees F.** I picked over 2 dozen oranges and 1/2 a dozen lemons.

*(breech birth - 62 years ago my mom had breech birth without c-section and wouldn't recommend it)

**(but I will never forget -50 degree windchill days in St. Paul and Madison)

i am fine the weather is here..
; )

love the photo

i am fine, the weather is here...

OMG i am so glad you're still here.

аna are you still here or left for another place in web?

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