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i am going insane trying to edit this video of snippets i have of lorna's birthday party. if i trim clips on my desktop computer then on the ipod it won't recognize the .mov format. i have been trying to find time to work on this and just grrrr. nothing is going how i want. i need to be able to trim and INSERT clips and INSERT the %$%$ audio where i want. i haven't gone to this degree of "difficulty" before on a video. (if you can call just trying to INSERT something inbetween 2 clips difficult. it should not be difficult. so where is the frickin insert button or what am i looking for?) between imovie and windows media player these are not compatible. i have had too much coffee!!!! i know what i want but i just cannot do it even tho it is SO SIMPLE. *SCREAM*! meanwhile my time i have to do this is once again ticking by. and if i wait until after the children are in bed i will, once again, be too tired. i need a second computer that is a mac that is only dedicated to making videos and music. it's 2014 pc and mac start making shit compatible you control freaks in the way of me being able to do my art. omg GET OVER IT. MAKE IT COMPATIBLE! *lightening bolts from my fingertips*


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