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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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Good morning :)
iconz by rouk

More snow. Grey. Need summer now. Now. Now.
I'm going to make a turkey soup today. Get started on the broth. I wish I had fresh thyme. In the summer thyme grows crazy all over our lawn. Mmmmmm. I want to lay on my back in the grass and watch the clouds.

I haven't paid much attention to news/current events in a few weeks or more. It's nice to not have that in my head.

I'm starting to wake up so my mind is kind of blank right now except for the usual weird watery dreams I have where I am wandering around in dangerous neighborhoods that are delapitated and beautiful. Old stone churches taken over by the homeless and prostitutes.

Now my brain is whiplashed back to my kitchen where I must attend to breakfast.

I really hope that today I can finish the video I made from snippets of Lorna doone's party. I've been working and thinking on it for a week now. I have to stop being so precious about it. But also there have been a lot if things getting in my way of being creative like children being sick and not getting enough sleep.

But today. I really want to finish it so I can move on to a new movie.

Here is something violet drew on the computer and she wanted me to take a photo of it. She is really good at drawing with only a computer mouse for 4 years old, I think.


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have a great day, nice cooking and a lot of relxed energy!
btw. that year so far started asc exhausting as the last one ended. but in a creative, productve way.
still, i join you in the meadow lying on my back and watching the clouds drift by. And enjoying that it is summer. Summer! Warm air on your skin, instead of too many layers of heavy clothes. Maybe a bee buzzing around and the sound of a light breeze rustling in the trees not far away. All those small, delightful noises that make the tranquility and calm of the moment so much more profound.

Artistic child! The art you have posted gives me smiles.

Soup sounds good. We are doing tortilla soup today, if I can find another jar of salsa to throw in.

I virtually never read or see the news anymore. In a way I do feel a little out of touch, but honestly it's great not to have to be inundated with war, riots, death, rape, murder, every single day.

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