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haunted spaceship episode 003.
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heyoka in the house yo.

^highly enlightened being becomes irate^ :)

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wow...i'm having a hard time after 5 minutes. 2 hours really? my spaceship flies in the far past and future simultaneously in parallel worlds. =) i want to watch more....but i wonder why. will my mind be blown? i'm just waiting to see you as co=host. lol

i'm toughing it out. so glad i don't have a webcam.

minute 37. you are the bomb! love how experimental you have always been.

we will see how many times i can edit this comment

check out this book and the ones before and after....


was that a podcast? or is there a new name on goodle +?

I'm being a rube. i need to find some live groups on LJ now.

Edited at 2014-01-18 07:27 am (UTC)

What's up with that Phoenix Andromeda comment? Is he jelly?

Missed it live so thanks for posting the video. PheonAnd guy last week, he had a weird (bad weird) vibe about him. Maybe the Radiohead song was for him? Like the dance party in the Matrix. You are such a kind soul.

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