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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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i went to a party
iconz by rouk


what i wrote the next day after the party on saturday:
"Best ever time at Lorna Doone's birthday party. Still processing the whole tidal wave of nostalgia and all the incredible conversations I had with some of the sweetest people on the planet got lots of vids to comb through and sounds from the party. Will make a very weird experimental video from it. The beginning of me making a documentary about her slowly but surely. Exciting!"

i am working on compiling all the clips i took into a very weird video.
that is what i have been working on the past few days :)
going to go work on it more now :)

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I bet that was a lot of nostalgia for you. Missing you on here, I've seen a few posts on FB too, but you're not around as much. I hope you're making some amazing art and life is good for you. Ill keep checking in here. Love and light to you Ana. :)

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