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i am very frustrated in trying to make my webcam work.
i am very frustrated in trying to find any programme that i can fix my webpages with SEE what i am doing (both code and visual)

macromedia dreamweaver keeps telling me i have the wrong password when i know i do not.
dreamhost has a ftp thing on their site but i cannot see what i am doing.
everything is a mess. i am overwhelmed and confused over how to do just the simplest of things.

like ftp up 1 cam image every 30 seconds
and do anything whatsoever to change my website or see what is going on or anything.
i feel extremely stupid.

all i want to do is have my website back.
why is this so hard?

why can't i find any software that works?
is it me or the software or the hardware or all of it i don't know!

i want to go into the bathroom shower and scream.

i need a webmaster SO BADLY.

Tags: webcam

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