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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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why why why
iconz by rouk
so i thought i'd give it a try and use the only remaining webcam ftp software i know that i got to work last (called webcam ftp uploader 2004 or something)
and i can see my new webcam works in it.
and it seems that i am uploading a photo.
but then nothing happens. now my cam is just black.

i am TRYING to make anacam work again.
i've been trying to get it to work again now for years but i just can't get anything to work.
it's maddening


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I have a Web Cam ( USB ) that you may have also. You can never own enough cams.

funny, I'm just trying to get chillcam to work again.
i'll looking at least to find an easy enough solutin that does evwrything chillcam did.

thank you!!!!

if i gave you the password to my site do you think you could go in there and fix that random word thing which is causing that page to load like a snail?

because that's another thing that sucks. is that the page is rrrrreeeaalllly slow. and i know you figured out why awhile back.

I think I could do that. I'm far from being a real coder, but my quick and dirty hacks/fixes usually work ok. :-)

ok, email me at anavoog@gmail

I have some older hard drives and may have full copies of some old software that might be useful. Something to research.

try chillcam again, i did and it simply worked :-)
if it doesn't, i have two other possibilities to make it work

ok, i'm going to try! i hope i can remember how to configure it!

omg, ya you got it working. do you have a copy you can email me? i think all my copies are on floppy disk :)

oh, i see the site is still there.
which version are you using?
i guess i can just try them all.

i just sent you the one i'm using

ok, didn#t work gmail refused to deliver it (security crap)
thats the lik where i got it:
(follow "zum Download"

ok i am trying that (but i only have 150 free hours)
i cannot get it to recognize my logitech cam

i am trying to upload old webcam pix from a folder on my computer.
and even tho it is saying it is successful nothing show up.
i am totally confused

oh crap i see none of the download zip files are there anymore :(

ok, i went to dreamhost to see if my pic had even uploaded to the right place. and yes it is there in the folder cam as anacam.jpg

however, when i go to the cam page on my site and i try to save the anacam pic that is there now (that is nothing but black) it says it is anacam(1)
and i have no idea why there is a (1) in that. so that must be why it is black.

i am trying to find a way to ftp into my site that does not involve macromedia dreamweaver since my copy seems to be not working anymore. (it keeps telling me i have the wrong password, although i know it is the right one)

my coffecup html editor has expired and i'm not sure i want to pat for that one as it was glitchy.

i cannot find just a simple thing to make my wenpages and ftp them up.

all these simple things seem to be just gone now.

no one ftps things up to their own website anymore?
i'm not sure what is going on but this is weird it should be so difficult.

i just don't know what to do and i'm baffled as to why my anacam.jpg pic is called anacam(1) and how it got to be that way. because it isn't that way in the 20-04 webcam uploader programme.


ok, for editing html use bluefish, for ftp filezilla. both are good, not too complicated and free-open source.
i do all my stuff with it.

i uploaded another pic and now it says the file there is called anacam(2)
so this thing seems to be numbering my pictures.
but i have that option DISABLED.
so i guess this is a glicth in the 2004 webcam uploader that it will rename your pictures even tho you don't want that option and have checked the disable button.

what is weird tho is that when i see what is being uploaded to anacam i can see no pic named anacam(1).jpg or anacam(2).jpg. i just see anacam.jpg

so wtf. i am baffled.

been away till now, i look into what you wrote, get back to you asap

ihate it when programs do stuff like that...
anyway, i take a look at the mysteries of your website if you want. my email is der_loewe@kaepsele.com
now i have to sleep, i'm beyond exhausted.
good night or in your case good day! :-)

Woot I managed to get Chillcam going again (on Windows 8), but doesn't look like I can re-register it so just the 150 hours. :/ if you still need a copy I can email you the program or put it on my site for download. :)

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