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new webcam for the haunted spaceship show!

oh people! i bought myself the 1st ever webcam since the 90s. yessiree!
it's a logitech c270 HD wireless. the future! the past! it's colliding!!
i bought it for the purpose of The Haunted Spaceship e-show (on google plus and youtube)
by planetconcrete
the next show coming up is this friday at 9pm.

i can do it on the ipod but i am also going to try to desktop computer and see what that is like again.
i've never skyped anyone or done any kind of one on one video chat so last friday was a first for me.
kind of weird since i was on the "cutting edge" of technology in the beginning of anacam.
but it was never about being on the cutting edge of technology for me.
i always said that anacam was the sx70 polaroid time zero of the internet and so it really has shown itself to be,
with apps you can get for the ipod to "glitch" your photos like the old connectix cams used to when they would break or when you pushed them passed their limits (which i always happily did just to see what would happen)

it's RETRO now to glitch your pix. i always loved the glitches.
every time logitech would "improve" the quality of their webcams they never were as fun.

but this one will be fun because it's for the haunted spaceship!

ok, so now what can i download for CHEESY EFFECTS that will work for a google hangout??

any suggestions?

although 1st i need to plug this cam in and see if it works 1st.
it's been sitting at my door in the snow in sub zero temps for awhile so i hope it'll be ok.


ok, it's not wireless. that's ok.
also i find it funny that the motto is "go beyond "built in"
because i am still thinking that a built in webcam is pretty cool.
but i guess people forgot that webcams used to not be built in almost all our devices now.

also i didn't even have to download drivers from a cd.
it just automatically started downloading the drivers from the internet the second i stuck the thing in the usb port (which is convenient but a bit creepy)

i can't figure out how to adjust settings to this since i have no webcam capture software.

i'm trying to figure out how i can see what this looks like without downloading skype or something.
and even then do i have to call someone to see it?

there seems like there should be a place i am able to fiddle around with this thing without having to make a "call" to someone.

ok, it says there is a camera app to adjust things.
where this is because it says it's at the start screen in windows 8.
but i don't think i have windows 8. i have no idea what version of windows i am using.

probably windows 7.

oh wait, there are instructions for other versions of windows. i should stop typing and read the manual.

time passes:

i should not have worried that i could not glitch out the new logitech webcams.

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