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I have been working on in my head for the last 30 years. I haven't had the time to make it because it would mean dedicating several years to drawing very detailed fantasy world kind of like a cross between Edward Gorey and Jim woodring's work.

But I am now considering I could make a puppet of these characters and take photos and then use one of these apps that change your photo into a drawing. Cheesy I know but I just don't have 10 years to dedicate to making this detailed thing. So I may just use an app and render photos into things that look like comics.

I am experimenting with what kind of puppet would work best. What kind of materials. Cloth or rubber. How intricate or simple to make it. Then I can click the "make it into a cartoon" app, print it out and then I can add finishing touches by hand.

Something like that.

Here is the angel that was on top of our Xmas tree, a pineapple, a gourd, and our toaster rendered this way. Just seeing what I like for textures that render best for my purposes. This could save me insane amounts of time. I'm pretty excited at the possibilities.

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