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I am still experimenting with apps. Seeing what is out there. I just scrolled through 2,000+ apps searched by the word "random". I found a few interesting things but nothing that blows my mind but I found some that have interesting potential. There are a lot of random word generators now like the kind that is on top of the anacam webcam photo that randomly generates 4 words as the picture refreshes. Now there are a few apps that will generate 2 or 3 random words for you to inspire you. I also found a heck of a lot of random number generators. Like crazy amounts. I think people use those for gambling? I don't know. Lots of dice rolling apps. Lots of apps to help you randomly decide like flipping coin apps or "oracle" apps like the magic eight ball.

I found a really cool potential app called "automatic art". You stick in a word in it's search engine, it searches the internet for images matching that search and then randomly combines them. I love this one. It has so much potential but the search engine is weak. I put in search for anacam and Ana Voog but it kept coming up with the same 4 images which were a woman wearing one of my hats and the display window at smitten kitten when I had an art show there and the album cover of my band the blue up's ep now.
I found one that will take photos from your camera roll and put it in a cube shape then randomly change pictures to a tune on your iPod.
This is closer to what I am looking for. I am finding all the apps so I can show a person who makes apps what I mean when I say I want to make anacam into an random oracle art app.
Something that can search through all my images and writings and combine things randomly nonstop forever. Creating a moving nonsense collage that you can interact with.

So I am getting closer to my vision I think since I see all the parts out there being created now. The technology is finally here. I just need to find an app maker who can make me this.

Patrick Coleman said he could make me an app. I am going to show him all these things and see if we can collaborate on this.

I found also a weird mysterious app that will give you a random internet station to listen to. I like this since I live listening to other languages that I don't understand. I find it soothing. I will often put on foreign films just for the sound of them and the talking in German or French is especially nice.

I found an app that will "kaliedoscope" your photos. I haven't really investigated that one too much yet but I will later.

Lili is sick again with 102 degree temperature. Violet keeps handing me plastic food to pretend to eat. So I am juggling a lot coming at me as I try to type this.

I have a fire going in the fireplace. It's 2 below zero F right now. We are nice and warm and I am grateful.

Here are some images I created with the random apps. More later....(the woman in the automatic art photos is a woman wearing a hat that I crocheted from strips of fabric cut up from old vintage dresses)

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