ana voog (ana) wrote,
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Checking in

Just checking in! Hi! Playing around again with cheesy apps. Low key Sunday. Super cold here. Like below zero something F. I have a headache. Holding down the fort. Having a fire in the fireplace. It's going to be 26 below zero tonight. I have not much to say. In an inward mood and processing things. I am in a good state of mind and really excited about this google plus hang out in air thing. I have so many ideas. I have to rein myself a bit because if I get to ahead of myself I can get paralyzed by too many options. But right now I don't feel that war at all :) I just wish my headache to be gone. Going to go drink more water.

I watched the Haunted Spaceship show that planetconcrete made on my TV today with my husband, M :) it really looked good on a big tv. I am still in awe that this is possible now. Really excited to talk about digital shamanism. Such is using Pinterest as a divinatory tool. And using these great apps we have now for connecting to the zeitgeist. Also I wish to talk about people in the entertainment industry that need so much to get some training in how to deal and cope and transmute and filter all the energy coming at them. I can help in this area. I have a lot of things to teach and learn. I am in a happy place and I feel movement and acceptance where I did not before. But I still have energy blocked in my head because of this headache. It needs to shoot out my head like a fountain. I would benefit from dime stretching right now. Maybe some hula hooping. Moving this energy through my body. I am hoping and wishing you all well who are reading this. Much many very so doge.

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