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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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I love my family :)
iconz by rouk

Violet likes to draw on herself :) in this way she takes after me :) it's a curious and wonderful thing to watch unfold :)

Today is a really nice mellow day. I needed that :) has some yummy goat cheese and fig jam on crackers and sliced cucumbers for lunch.

Added new clips to a few jumpcam videos. There is one that really cracks me up bad called "John's video on nov 20" ( or is it 30). Anyway I've been flipping it backwards and making us have chipmunk voices and slicing it and then I stuck it through the magisto app and I am tres amused.

bayarts showed me this really fab app called kaleidoscope that I am also having mucho fun with :)

The cold front is moving in and the Windchimes are chiming away. We have some wood ready in case there are any power outages during this crazy 50 below zero F weather.


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She reminds me so much of you...she has your smile! Stay warm...I am downtown Minneapolis and temps are already starting to drop.

Love the body drawings... I've got to give Torsten a chance to do that soon...kaleidoscope is cool:)

The last windstorm took out my windchimes, only one chime is left on it. I will have to restring with stronger thread. Caitlyn draws on herself as well. Sometimes she uses washable markers so she can wash it off and start over.

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