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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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Zomg new haunts!!!
iconz by rouk

Was just in my 1st ever one on one video chat with patrick on google plus hangouts. In the iPod! That was so totally future and Star Trek and quaint at the same time! Violet was there too hamming it up. At 1st she was all shy throwing herself into the bed face first then she got all into it. I swear she is going to be a fish to water with this stuff. I gotta watch out for sure! Who can even know what the technology will be when she is my age. Mind boggling. Old grandma Voog here talking on ye olde intranebz just a minute ago saying remember newsgroups??? Now this. I am on a frickin tiny flat screen in my hand and WIRELESS (how many times I tripped over cords man I had so many bruises) little device thing and I can call people WITHOUT A TELEPHONE and with video and wow this is so cool. It's true this intranebz is the new telephone. Just don't make me get a cell phone because I seriously hate those. But THIS is awesome. I can get into a video phone thing with people. I am ON IT!!!!

Ok gotta get ready for the 1st run of Haunted Spaceship which we are going to be creating on the fly in google hangouts in 2 hours.

I gotta gets me sum threads and lipstick on y'all.

Here is a photo of me I took with this app that creates to images. I look crabby as heck here. But I'm not. That is one thing that sucks about getting older is that you can look cranky when you are not if the lighting isn't just right....which it almost never is....and so u look cranky as fuck.

I'm sticking it here because, again, it's in my iPod and so I may as well put it here. It's like my cam but in slow motion. Here is me from several hours ago instead of here is me from 30 seconds ago. Oooooo....but google hangouts. (And they save all your conversations for all of time! Thanks goog!!) archiving made EZ.


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Wow that really is a godawful pic of me. But so it is.

We just upgraded our phones ... originally AT&T was telling us that we could get $100 credit for our iPhone3gs units, which would have been enough for us to be able to get iPhone5c units, but when we went to go upgrade, they were OUT of 5c's and so sent us up the street to the Apple store.

At the Apple store they were telling us that AT&T was LYING about the $100 credit, and they could only give us $18.00 per unit, so we opted for the free upgrade to the iPhone4s.

However, once you take away the phone functionality from an iPhone3gs, you have essentially an iPodTouch ... for just not taking the $18 they were offering for it!

Since it does everything BUT make phone calls (and I bet I could coax Skype to work on it) now, I'm finding it quite amusing to watch videos in bed, etc. ... stuff that I never did when it was "my phone". It's become something of a "micro tablet" for me, giving me access to the internet when not at a computer, etc.

I would never have paid the $$$ for an iPodTouch (Daughter #2 was wanting one a couple of years back and we ended up getting everybody upgraded to iPhones instead), but I'm enjoying having that as a back-up unit that I don't have to worry so much about.

well done! if only my life were so simple. i hate computers

Paul and I often use the google video chat when we are both at home. It feels so futurey. Love it.

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