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old haunts

you have to be kidding me.
i did a google search on my name and the word google because i was too lazy to find my own google plus account and the FIRST thing that came up was ye olde NEWSGROUP

remember newsgroups???
well apparently they are still alive in this form (and maybe their original form too i have no idea)
i was just thinking awhile back that it's so great that is probably fine gone off the internet,

but NO, here it is. it's still here:!forum/
it's unreal.

i wonder if i can access ye olde posts from long long long ago.
this was the place to go if you hated my guts.
a lot was said about me here that was pretty stupid and also some things that i found to be bone chilling and violent.

maybe it's good to find this place again. i never saved any of the emails i used to get back then.
and i've deleted all the LJ posts from that era (archived in ana2 but without the comments)
so all the hullaballoo around it all is basically lost as to how wild it used to get.

well, gee, goog, thanks for memories.

it's true i really do haunt the internet. or the internet haunts me.

as with us all. interesting.

oh man, i was doing a google image search to see if i could try to find this webcam pic that says "when i die i will haunt the internet" and i found this instead:

it used to be a geocities renamed reocities!

this was the "meme" of the day back then "ate my balls" websites.

so this was one made for me. LOL. oh i love it. this makes me happy actually :)


oh yep! i went into the newsgroup and it did not take me long to find what i had to deal with on a daily basis because of my cam. and just because i am a woman, in general. this is one of the reasons why i have PTSD.


you may think. oh....that was so long ago can't you let it go?
well fuck no apparently not is the answer. i'm not a forgiver.
so until this happens to you on a day to day basis for all your life pretty much please STFU.

that is all.

sorry to get all negative here. but this was my life and i am always unfolding it from another angle because this shit is hard to muck your way through and i'm doing the best i can. which is pretty damn good, i must say.

"cake and eat it" two on it's way....

until then:

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