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"Published on Jan 2, 2014
i struggle for coherency, clarity and order in a world fraught with lighthearted goodness, mundane reality, motherhood, the verge of falling asleep, the upbeat disconnected world of social media and it's punishing clutch on jarring jingles, selfies and a clusterlike of memes. i dare you to endure this video and let it move through you like water. a new type of ambient film using the cut up technique with cheesy ipod apps only. a modern western from one woman's point of view. i upload this in the few minutes i have between getting my children ready for school, winding down and trying to synch my ipod to itunes and it giving me some unknown hellish error, trying to figure out just how the sharing thing works with itunes (unknown), where did my bloody valentine mp3s go? and now oops, it's almost time for everyone to come home from school and wtf did i do? i jumped up on an altar with a t shirt written on it "I AM GOD", in my mind, then went to hide in my closet to document my clothes in a blurry way for no reason at all except that i had had a bit too much cheap champagne on new year's eve. time to unload the dishwasher. do you like my new hair colour? how was your day?"
Tags: video anagram

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