ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog

The content owner

This crap drives me nuts. I am the content owner. Although no one really is. And that is what true art is. No one owns it so cut and paste away my little pirates. Also you Can watch this on a mobile on my Vimeo channel. Vimeo is the place to be and YouTube is a second hand thought. It's so totally on it's way out the door and is in such denial about it is wild to watch. They won't get it until the door slams shut and then the crocodile years start like all my past boyfriends I broke up with because they took me for granted. They don't get it until the door is well and truly shut. It is a puzzler to me. But that's their shit to work out. Still, it puzzles me. But I can't get too hooked into analyzing that anymore. It's like gravity. I don't know why it works that way but I know it does. If something works and you don't know why it actually doesn't exist yet. That is how the narcissists work I've noticed.

Like astrology. It works yet there are still those who deny it does even tho the apple continues to fall from the tree irregardless of their head being in the way between it and the ground.

Anyway. The Dislodger. Let me get that shit out of your eye, honey, or you've just made that cyclops thing work for you right? I have to say that us indeed a "work around". Bravo.

Tags: via ljapp

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