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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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A new sense of fucking purpose
iconz by rouk

I feel a new sense of fucking purpose.
Actually it is not new but renew. I am remembering what it was I was trying to do before I got completely and utterly off track first from the major label recording industry biz and all the wretched shit that trails after that, like interviews with people who could give a shit about your new record and have a deadline. A deadline. Give that some thought. A fucking dead line people. People are living for dead lines. Does that make any sense? No it does the fuck not.

I remember how I used to be in the cake and eat it days, and I can't go back there not would u want to. But I do miss living in that godforsaken attic with the 22 walls.

But yes I remember now. And my fear, for now, is gone. The fear of having an audience the fear of not having one. I really understand now that the things I make I make for me and that is all I need. And since all us one and I am "god" (all of is are) then I "get" my art for all of you/us. And "we" are amused greatly.

Also as of this moment I feel no need to either fear explaining my art. Nor not explaining it. Either one is fine and I'll just explain or not explain as I feel like. It's that simple. Explanations or no explanations don't make or break anything. Because, for one thing, people are going to think what they want and like or not like what they want despite any explanations that go with. Every time I try to explain something (iPod wanted to change that to "echo aim" :) no one understands a damn thing I say except me. And that's fine. Because we are getting it here and nodding our heads here going oh ya oh ya that's totally IT.

And so because of this, I know I am back again on MY "stomping ground". And so let the rain dances begin.

I am adding this photo because it's sitting on my iPod doing nothing so u may as well set it down here.

LOOK said the K-ing:

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Perfect! =)

And the best part is you do have an audience and these days it's so easy to expand it if you were so inclined.

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