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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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Well then....
iconz by rouk

So lj will disconnect from twitter if my Lj posts are over 140 characters? That is stupid. wtf Lj.

In other news I am feeling very cozy in this ghost town. As long as my friend patrick Coleman is here I'm good to go! Cakes to be baked!

Also I am noticing a lot less crap in my head from being off fb. Since I check my feed less often I become less aggravated and enraged and utter links to utter bullshit people over share over there. No more ZOMG! This and that and no more Lists from buzzfeed about the 12 top things I didn't know about something. It's just awesome having this much more space in my head for other things.

I tried to show my therapist my video I made "the Dislodger" . She was patient but flummoxed. Not her thing. Well you have to watch it all the way through in headphones kind if in a zoning out mood. That is the way to take in my videos. You have to allow yourself to zone in and out of them like a dream. They are also good to just play in the background as ambience that once in awhile will jar you into a wtf moment. So it's like the are ambient videos with jarring moments so you can't ever get too comfortable. Good for working on things if you need something calming in the background but also something from keeping you from completely falling asleep.

They are shamanic videos. Their meanings reveal themselves to be later. They are made by pure intuition and "beautiful accidents" . I'm really excited about thus new genre I think I am creating here. A genre if shamanic videos but also ambient that reveal hidden things and DISLODGE things from you. Things you didn't even know needed dislodging.

Dislodger at your service.


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Just wanted you to know that I am reading your posts from my phone, but the phone app for LJ doesn't give me the option to switch to my user name from the default "anonymous" posting option, which you have disabled. So what I get on my screen is this thing that says, "This user has disabled anonymous posting" and I can't reply to anything until I come into my office and get on my main computer. Just wanted you to know that I am reading, though, even though I might not respond. xoxo

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