ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog

Good morning! Still an adjustment to open the Lj app to write instead of the fb one. I realize now that Lj is good for writing my personal stuff but if I have a question or a problem with anything I need answered then this is not the place for that anymore because this place is like a ghost town, which I like for writing purposes. But not good for interaction, but that's ok cause I'm wanting it a little slower these days anyway. What is great about Lj now is it seems that all the narcissistic "attention whores" have left because there is no one to pay attention to them here anymore and make flame wars that go on and on and on. Although I suppose they are in the ontd community. I'll stay out of there.

So what is going on. I need coffee that is what. So I will stop here for a sec while I oh attend to that. It's ask I frickin cold here. 7 degrees F, for the record, so I can look back on this and compare years (something which is impossible to do in fb which is one of the many reasons I left there)

Tags: via ljapp

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