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help with ipod!

i think i clicked the "homeshare" thing in itunes so i could try that out.
i entered my password etc. seemed fine.
didn't try it out but i noticed shortly after that (or something else i did) that my computer would not
recognize my ipod. also on my ipod a thing popped up saying "trust this compupter?" to which i clicked yes!
but still nothing. computer does not recognize ipod. ipod does not trust computer.

so i clicked off the home sharing option.
nothing changed. i rebooted both the ipod and the computer numerous times.

my ipod cannot even make a connection to the internet even tho i can see i am connected to the wifi just fine.

so, i am really grrrr right now because i have no idea what happened whatsoever or how to fix it.

can anyone help?

ok when i connect my ipod my computer can recognize the ipod and i can access inside of it. it also automatically brings up itunes. but then says unrecognized error 0xE8000065

read my thread here:¬if_t=feed_comment

if anyone can help let me know. i am at a loss.

Edit next day:
I reset all settings on my iPod and that did the trick finally. Had to go in and do DOS even. Haven't done that since the old anacam days I was amazed I remembered how even.

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