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trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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Changing habits
iconz by rouk

Trying to get into the habit of opening the Lj app instead if the fb app. This is a start. One step at a time. I'm having weird panicky feelings about leaving fb and coming back to here. Trying to resolve wtf that is about and lighten up.


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Any change can be stressful, even if it's for the better! :)

I will always use FB because there are many people from my last job who also use it. We even have our own group. That's how we keep in touch. Some of my friends won't use it, but they won't use any social media because of privacy issues. Too bad. I'm now going to post here, too. My posts will be longer and use my photos (I hope). I have to see if there's a Live Journal app for my Android cell phone so I can check in from it.

oh neat you can reply via fb!

Right Behindyou over here!

Was the constant bickering that goes on on Facebook getting to be too annoying?

I'm glad someone's using LJ again. It's sad it's not in use nearly as much anymore.

This is Christina mc from Facebook, just checking in with you... Ill be around here though I don't know how much I will use my blog here... It's hard to tell with me, but I will definitely check into yours to see what you're up to and communicate with you wherever you are... I hope the anxiety goes away soon... Change is always hard

Glad to see another post.

ha - just left a post that disappeared. my LJ acct was blocked, i suppose because i haven't posted in soooooo long. (i posted in some events things @ stoneleafmoon on LJ)

the gist was HI! miss you and good to see that you're still YOU :)

i did start a fb acct to stay in touch with friends who moved over there, but go to it maybe once/year. it seems so visually and morally repellent.

but maybe we can stay in touch more - hope so!

i saw you changing your profile pic over there. lol :)

Hi Ana! Feel free to add me back if you'd like. I'm looking forward to posting here more often again. It'll take some getting used to though. Yay LJ! ;)

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