ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog


It remember now when I made the transition from livejournal to Facebook and how hard that was for me to let go of this place after knowing it fit so long and go somewhere new. These places aren't physical structures yet the feelings moving from one to the other seem similiar to the stress of moving to a new apartment or house. Leaving your neighbourhood. It's weird. But there it is. This time I am coming home to a place I once "lived" for a long time. I may as well not put that in parenthesis because hate when people say this is not real life. I did live here. I lived my life here, in this place, which is my computer in my home and wrote my heart out here and had many a flame war and I have battle scars still from it all tho they are not visible. It has been a long journey from the very beginnings of "social media" to now. And there is bitterness and there is experience and the whole world got in on it ( it felt like) and what a crazy beautiful global experience this has been from the comfort of my own home as I clash and collide and intermingle with people I would never meet otherwise. People have met here and gotten married. People have died here and left their last words to still haunt the internet and echo endlessly as the bots comb through all these words trying to make sense of it all now and discern who and what we are.

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