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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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iconz by rouk

Happy birthday to me! Coffee in bed at the hotel. We were going to go to Chicago today for lunch but 3 cars have been swallowed in a sinkhole there, and the entire area is under extreme flooding and storms. 300 flights delayed, hundreds of school closings, major expressways and other roads shut down and so... We are just going to turn back and go home. The weather is too cold and rainy everywhere to enjoy anything outside like a park or even a rest side stop. So we are going to stay at this hotel in Milwaukee til we have to leave. Going to actually bleach my roots here and take a nice bath. Then to the Apple store for my birthday and then we turn around and go to Madison. Then home. I look forward to spending family vacation time at home. That is really the only place I want to be right now. Everything else is too unstable out here right now. The kids have really enjoyed staying at a hotel. M slept with violet in one bed and I slept with lili on the other and that worked out great! Now we are watching cat and the hat and eggs Benedict has arrived. Ciao for now.

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Happy birthday, and may all that you want, need and whish for come to you.

Have a lovely day. Happy Birthday!

Re: Happy Birthday!


Re: Happy Birthday!

thank you!

Happy Birthday, ana. I really love reading posts from anamama. I believe that if we are truly attentive, caring parents, our children raise us at least as much - if not more - than we raise them. You and your daughters are raising each other, and it's a joy to learn of bits of your adventures in parenthood.


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Thank you :) that is so true we learn so much from our children :)

Very happy birthday wishes to you!!

I love hotels/motels! Happy birthday my beautiful friend!

That sounds like a lovely birthday, the day in the hotel with room service. Happy birthday!

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