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I'm still locked out of fb for 12 more hours. We are finally in Milwaukee and the wi fi is not free. Lame. Getting caught up in news. Something about a quarantine situation in Beloit Wisconsin. Also I heard a bridge in Milwaukee was shut down because of a possible bomb. My panic attack about coming here was perhaps slightly warranted. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'll have hotel breakfast in bed. I love that :) I like the trays and pot of coffee the bring in. I hope they have eggs Benedict that's my fave. We haven"t seen tv in a long time so it's weird to see survivor, csi and CNN going on and on and on as usual. Tomorrow I am going to try and find the Apple store here and get myself they newest version of iPod touch! The kids have been great on our 1st ever family vacation together. Violet threw up twice in car tho so we had to get her some Dramamine then she was fine. But it was quite the adventure. What would be a family vacation without kids barfing in the car, right? They are pretty wound up right now exploring their 1st ever hotel room I have no idea how we are all going to get to bed. I have so much more to say but it's hard to write anything more because too much is going on right now. Just wanted to say hi and let you all know we arrived safely. Fingers crossed with this whole terrorist situation right now. Peace.

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