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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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retreat 33 tun
side face
i have had to manually save by cutting and pasting my facebook. it's crazy.
i have done so far 2008, 2009, and parts of 2010.
it's excruciatingly tedious but also interesting to go back and see what i've been through these last few years.

i am still downloading anacam onto my computer and that is taking forrrrreverrrrrrrr.
a snail's crawl.

but bit by bit i am getting everything on my one computer so i can put it all on anacam, ONE PLACE.

facebook is increasingly alarmingly nefarious to me.
it's like they go through a lot of trouble to make sure it's VERY DIFFICULT to ever see what you've written in the past and so there can be no self reflection.

i also whittled my friends list there from 900 down to 250.
it was crazy how many people i never saw in my newsfeed and so never got to know.

i thought facebook was a place you can meet new people. this is not so.
they filter everything. i never see half of what my friends post.

and then not being able to access what *I* wrote is INSANE.

facebook is a vacuum. a data mining succubus of echoes. i can't wait until all my stuff is archived off of there.
i don't think i have ever had this much loathing for a website.

sorry for the bad mood but gah this is just almost unbearable.

i retreat.


33. TUN / Retreat

above CH'IEN

below KêN

The power of the dark is ascending. The light retreats to security, so that the
dark cannot encroach upon it. This retreat is a matter not of man's will but of
natural law. Therefore in this case withdrawal is proper; it is the correct way
to behave in order not to exhaust one's forces.

In the calendar this hexagram is linked with the sixth month (July-August),
in which the forces of winter are already showing their influence.


RETREAT. Success.
In what is small, perseverance furthers.

Conditions are such that the hostile forces favored by the time are advancing.
In this case retreat is the right course, and it is not to be confused with flight.
Flight means saving oneself under any circumstances, whereas retreat is a
sign of strength. We must be careful not to miss the right moment while we
are in full possession of power and position. Then we shall be able to
interpret the signs of the time before it is too late and to prepare for
provisional retreat instead of being drawn into a desperate life-and-death
struggle. Thus we do not simple abandon the field to the opponent; we make
it difficult for him to advance by showing perseverance in single acts of
resistance. In this way we prepare, while retreating, for the counter-
movement. Understanding the laws of a constructive retreat of this sort is
not easy. The meaning that lies hidden in such a time is important.


Mountain under heaven: the image of RETREAT.
Thus the superior man keeps the inferior man at a distance,
Not angrily but with reserve.

The mountain rises up under heaven, but owing to its nature it finally comes
to a stop. Heaven on the other hand retreats upward before it into the
distance and remains out of reach. This symbolizes the behavior of the
superior man toward a climbing inferior; he retreats into his own thoughts as
the inferior man comes forward. He does not hate him, for hatred is a form
of subjective involvement by which we are bound to the hated object. The
superior man shows strength (heaven) in that he brings the inferior man to a
standstill (mountain) by his dignified reserve.

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I totally agree. How DO you access past writings on Facebook? Did you find a way?


on your main page on the top right click "activity log"
but it's very glitchy

There used to be away that you could export everything in your account, every picture, every entry, every contact, even email I think, and export to a single zip file. Is that no longer there? It sounds like that could save you a lot of time and effort.

I wonder how facebook turned into THE place where everyone is since it is so sucky and drives so many people nuts.

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