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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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side face
i have too many ideas right now. it can be paralyzing.
so i will write them all down here, at least the ones that i can think of right away as a way to get them off my mind and then i will prioritize them in the order i want to work on them. i'm not even sure i can get these all done in my lifetime, seriously.

1. movie 40 in portal
2. fix anacam and all broken links, start new portion of site for new things
3. organize the basement. scan all paper and photos and put on anacam (oh god)
4. make little videos from anacam pix and stick on youtube and vimeo and then make something from that when done.
5. crochet giant pillows from cut up fabric
6. work on a new live show
7. get into some sort of excercise routine. hula hoop!
8. garden
9. king and snake books
10. either transcribe old journals into type form (boring) or read old journals on video and add commentary along the way. i like the latter, i think. it would be like a weird video podcast or something. i don't know
11. record of demos and such and cut ups an audio collage
12. brand new record
13. paint the walls of this house. omg.
14. start sewing and mending things.
15. get some glasses so i can see
16. read books.

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i hope those are the song titles for your next album! enough with this webcam...
; P

I know the feeling, there are 10 novels in the works (really), a screenplay a play and 3 short stories. And my stituation leaves me 3 hours a day to work, tops. *fears his head is going to burst*

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