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my husband is sick with the flu. so i am taking care of the household.
with a bad case of spring fever to boot, i have been totally immersing myself in cleaning the house to stay extremely busy so that i have no time to wallow.
it's been good. today was an excellent day (i almost wrote tomorrow was a wonderful day. ha :) that. too , i hope!)
so not too much to report. just cleaning cleaning cleaning.
completely immersing myself in caretaking and into my children's world.A

i am considering today making that fort i said i would make last summer. i have all the huge cardboard boxes for it.

that could take all day, if i painted it and cut out little windows and doors and all.
i shall see.

i am out of coffee which is a tragic thing. but i do have red bulls which will probably mean i will be bouncing off the walls today.

current music: suzanne vega 99.9 degrees.
and ingrid chavez a flutter and some words
and occasionally yoko ono rising
and a heck of a lot of squarepusher's new one

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