ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog

statement of purpose on my vimeo and youtube channels

i wrote this for now. i hope it is coherent.

"let me try to explain a bit of what i am trying to do here. i like to show my processes. and so, right now i am making little video clips of the pix saved from my webcam which is i did 24 hours a day from 1997 til 2009. each video i make i do not consider to be "finished". it is the ENTIRE 12 year project of my "anacam" ( which is the complete piece and is still ongoing. i did this before facebook and social media and instagram and sharing every last little bit about yourself via social media as everyone does now. it raises questions still, like what IS important "information" to save? do i just save the "interesting" pictures i do i show all the boring ones, too? now the government is gathering data on everyone, i think they will soon realize they will choke on it and will end up in a loop where you are watching yourself watching yourself watching yourself and not really living. it is a fine line. so many things i want to say here. but this will have to do for now. all these videos i put up, if anyone has any complaint that this is not "art" i tell you, for the sake of ending the argument that ALL of this was featured at the MoMA in NYC in a piece called "fame after photography". and you really need to consider the ENTIRE 12 year piece. so right now i only have a few videos of this up, it is hard to gauge. we have badly lit boring little videos with interspersed interesting stuff. that is life. and nothing new. i put this up as a historical piece on surveillance for i may be one of the last people who actually consents to be watched and is not forced to be watched by law. i am the one in control of it. no one else. i control what you view. now we do not as we are being watched more and more and all our data mined. i will try to write this more coherently at a later date. but i wanted you to know this much for now. that i do not consider each video i put up here a separate an "interesting" piece. i am simply making little videos for now which may serve a future purpose as a collage of some kind.

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