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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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mint tea
side face
i cannot wait until summer. i need fresh mint tea NOW. PRONTO.

the ground is covered in thick wet snow.
the sky is whitish grey.

i need my fresh lavendar. i need to garden and check on my plants and say hello.
i will try to find the time to wintersow the rest of the rose bushes.

and ya, i need to get the full spectrum light now NOW.

and i will make myself some tulsi rose tea. that is my new fave.

i need grounding things today. very grounding things.

must take special attention and note of this and make it happen.

aromatherapy, rose oil and cardamom oil.

i will put lotions and oils on my body.
i will put on soothing music but not so soothing that i want to fall asleep.

summer will be here soon.

i hope the siberian squill bulbs will come up in spring. i planted about 50 of them last fall.
i hope some survived and will start to naturailize. i will be so excited to see even one bloom is brilliant blue.

siberian squill are one of the 1st things to bloom in spring, even before grass turns green. so i am really excited about it.

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Springtime in Minnesota is a wonder. I remember just the feel of the softening ground beneath my feet as the most joyous experience. My mom did some fruit/vegetable gardening (not nearly as much as you're doing now) and I'm so glad that helping to harvest some of it was part of my childhood experience. Do you have wild bunny rabbits on your property? I miss the bunnies - and yelling at my mom for yelling at the bunnies and chasing them away when they ate her tulips. I also miss the red flash and brilliant song of the cardinals. And blue spruce trees. But I do not miss the bitter cold.

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