ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog

mint tea

i cannot wait until summer. i need fresh mint tea NOW. PRONTO.

the ground is covered in thick wet snow.
the sky is whitish grey.

i need my fresh lavendar. i need to garden and check on my plants and say hello.
i will try to find the time to wintersow the rest of the rose bushes.

and ya, i need to get the full spectrum light now NOW.

and i will make myself some tulsi rose tea. that is my new fave.

i need grounding things today. very grounding things.

must take special attention and note of this and make it happen.

aromatherapy, rose oil and cardamom oil.

i will put lotions and oils on my body.
i will put on soothing music but not so soothing that i want to fall asleep.

summer will be here soon.

i hope the siberian squill bulbs will come up in spring. i planted about 50 of them last fall.
i hope some survived and will start to naturailize. i will be so excited to see even one bloom is brilliant blue.

siberian squill are one of the 1st things to bloom in spring, even before grass turns green. so i am really excited about it.

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