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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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good morning :)
side face
good morning everyone :)
intense dreams! full moon?
wow. really working a lot in the dream state. trying to remember what i was doing.
it was very apocalyptic and had many cathedrals in it.
i have mentioned this on fb but not here, that apocalypse means "to reveal what is hidden"
when you think of it that way. we are all , right now, in our mini acpocalypses in our own way which are reflected into the macrocosm and vice versa.

this has been, at least, true for me, and quite a few of my friends.
the whole 2012 thing. and now 2013 is the time to clean out our darkest closets and feng shui.
(get things in order to flow in a effortless fashion for our benefit and the benefit of others)

last night i was ringing many bells. and swimming many rivers.

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Yes, yes yes! My coven has been working all month with Lilith and last night was our ritual. There was definitely a lot of gazing into our own darkness, very intense ritual. My dreams are super crazy right now.

Last night I dreamed I gave birth to a baby girl after a 2-hour labor but I named her a name I hated (Sandra Jean-no idea where that came from. It's not horrible but it's not something I'd come up with IRL), and when I woke up (in the dream) my husband had already been to city hall to register our home birth, so her name was "on the books". Luckily we found out we could submit a form to change it. Also last night my friend had a dream I was renewing my vows with my husband and having another wedding. A big night for me in dreamland!

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