ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog

good morning :)

good morning everyone :)
intense dreams! full moon?
wow. really working a lot in the dream state. trying to remember what i was doing.
it was very apocalyptic and had many cathedrals in it.
i have mentioned this on fb but not here, that apocalypse means "to reveal what is hidden"
when you think of it that way. we are all , right now, in our mini acpocalypses in our own way which are reflected into the macrocosm and vice versa.

this has been, at least, true for me, and quite a few of my friends.
the whole 2012 thing. and now 2013 is the time to clean out our darkest closets and feng shui.
(get things in order to flow in a effortless fashion for our benefit and the benefit of others)

last night i was ringing many bells. and swimming many rivers.
Tags: dream

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