ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog

what IS important?

thanks to kishenehn for this pic.

as the hours went by after viewing this cartoon it occurred to me what bugged me about it?
for sure, i miss the "old days" there are things about then that cannot be touched for it's awesomeness.
i love film. i love am radio. i love vinyl. i love polaroids.

my brain is fuzzy today so i hope i can be coherent here.

what IS important?
as i go through the old anacam archives of the most mundane everyday stuff. i don't just have 83 pix of what i was eating. i have literally thousands. THOUSANDS.
but that is what i was trying to say, in part, which anacam, is that there is beauty in the ORDINARY.
there is beauty in "chop wood carry water"
life is not just a "moment" you cannot sum it up in a moment.
it's the whole long mundane shebang.
if all we did is look back and see what facebook would call "life events" then is that really what our lives are about?
it that the sum?

i give the argument here that perhaps the food that you eat says more about you than your graduation day.
and, ultimately, has had a greater effect on you than "that special day" when we are all told to take photos to commemorate the "special moment"

the time when you dress up. smile.
does that really sum you up?

if you could SEE each moment of your life. most of these moments are eating and sleeping.

and eating and sleeping i am a great advocate of.

what you eat determines EVERYTHING about how your life will go. and how much sleep you get determines that to.

i didn't graduate from high school (i quit 2 months before due to terrible bullying, and me in my 1984 punk rock state was like "fuck you all i'm gonna be a rock star")

so i don't have these moments. i didn't go to the prom.

i have moments like when i got signed to a major label for the 1st time. and for sure, those are real stand outs in my memory to me.

but what i ate today (my children's left over spaghettios, 1/4th of a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, 2 cups of coffee) has more impact on me right NOW.

and all we have is now.
"god" IS in your television, in your bubblebath, in your microwave dinner.
chop wood carry water.
honour the mundane moments in your life because this is where the grunt of the "magic" happens.
right here. right now.
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