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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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we caught the house mouse and set it free
side face
we got one of those live trap systems. the mouse was so cute. brown with a white belly.
i had so many mice as pets as a child i can't bear to kill them.
this one was getting too comfortable in our house tho.
even when he was in the live trap he (or she?) came out to check us out and pretty much had the expression of "oh, it's you" and that is all.
i hope that was the only mouse in the house. time will tell.
the mouse was living like a king, that's for sure. eating all the scraps of food my children let fall to the ground.
cheerios, etc.
it had it's day plannned out and had a route in our house.
i hope it'll be ok outside. today is very cold but tomorrow it will be 31 degrees, so i am hoping the mouse can adapt til it warms up.
s/he does have a belly full of cheese to get him/her through the night.
i should have taken a photo of him/her. but i didn't think of it.

today i am taking it easy. playing with instagram. making videos for vimeo.
cleaning the house here and there. chatting on facebook.

it's grey grey grey here. the sky is that white. everything that dullish whitish grey of winter when it seems summer will never arrive and it is a far away concept that there could be grass or humidity (or mosquitoes)

we have a woods in our backyard, so even on the greyest of days it's still quite beautiful here with all the birch trees.

i bought a full spectrum light and i think i may turn that one today to deal with the grey.

still wondering why i am kind of coming back into the public again. i don't know. i guess it's what i do.
i hope i don't regret it.
but i am an artist and i like to share stuff. it's the way i am.
so i just do it and hope for the best.

also i do like to journal. it helps my nervousness. it gives me focus and something for my fingers to do. typity type type.

i hope your day is going well :)

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It's so great to be back here with you! You spark the creativity in me. You make my world seem lest contstrictive. You are pretty to look at.

I don't feel as restless and nervous today either. There are moments of happiness. I am making chicken soup and macaroons with fresh raw honey...

that sounds so yummy! you are sweet :)

take pictures of your birch trees, i love them and they are rare here

i will! i am so in love with birch trees. i have a whole woods of them! it's beauty :)

I keep the mice that I catch in a Habitrail. I have a mouse running around now that's hard to catch. It fell for the trap once, but escaped while I was transferring him to the Habitrail. Now he's not falling for the trap anymore. Smart little motherf*ucker!

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