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trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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side face
it feels really good and solid to have a place to actual JOURNAL again in a real way. i feel like i have been freed from facebook. which is funny because before facebook freed me from livejournal since livejournal was a place of many a flame war. maybe that is still the case, i don't know.
but at least on my little end of livejournal here, i hope it's quieted down a bit on that side of things.

i do notice tho the freaking russian spam business. that sucks.
but it's not too out of control.
it's weird how this place became totally russian almost?

it reminds me that i met cyka here, one of the people to from russia to sleep on my sleepstation way back in time.
i still want to make a sleep station again someday, although i do not think ANYONE sleeps on cam now, do they?
maybe i will make it fashionable again.
i always said the anacam was the like sx 70 polaroid camera of the internet.
and that has come to be true.

i don't really care about the newest snazziest technology, just for the sake of having something new.
it has to be useful to me and that means it has to be EASY to use.
because when i have any idea the last thing i want to do is be wrestling with some manual on how to operate something.

that's why i do like instagram. although i have never been able to be a part because i didn't have a cell phone.

i do have an ipod touch now! and i am wondering if i can download an instagram app for that?

for the 1st time i got connected on this ipod last night and i sent a pic straight from it up to my facebook page.
that was pretty exciting for me :)

funny because everyone does that now but not me. i still have yet to have a cell phone.
i don't like cell phones. the sound on them is awful. i want to go back to a big nice rotary phone with land line.

i also have to get the livejournal app so i can type on here from that. but ya...typing on the ipod is hard. i don't see how people get the hang of it. especially people with large fingers must have a hell of a time.

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welcome back! do you still make those funky hats?

re: musique factor, check out bandcamp.com


pretty easy to use and not run by nazis as far as i can tell

wordpress also links to it. i find livejournal easier to use than wp.


but some people use many services tied together and for $20 a year you can connect everything with a directory page on a service called flavors.me, also easy to use!


here's to a great and successful comeback!
you go girl,

I find your thoughts on Facebook, cell phones, rotary dial land lines and 'the newest snazziest technology' mirrors mine. I joined Facebook when it first became available and have yet to use it much. I don't know how to describe it other than cluttered with useless stuff.

My friends have been bugging me for years to get a cell phone. I think they are too short of a leash on me. I need a little more breathing room. Plus they are very unreliable, especially here in S.F. with all the hills that Tony B. sings about. My friends freak out when I tell them I've never used an ATM machine. There's something warm about going into a bank and talking to a real person, a teller.

If new gadgets are useful that's fine. Otherwise, they get tossed in the useless bin.

Glad to see you back.

Welcome back! Some of us (ME) haven't ever left. I have notice an influx back to LJ. Kinda interesting.

Welcome back! Yeah, facebook sucks the big one. And you're an important part of the livejournal history :-) They have, what? 22 Million users now and you're No. 2291 (which incidentally leads me to mention that thanks to you I'm 4257 :-D)

I think you'll find far less trolls here than there used to be, but also, even a decade ago, in LJ's heyday, the internet was still plenty new to too many people - by now, trollism still goes on but there's enough controls here to weed it out, and I'm hoping that your audience will have even less, considering the bad parts of the internet are often driven by angry scared people who aren't very smart. And because LJ is considerably low on the radar these days, you'll be free to journal here with more openness, and a more intimate reader base. At the height of its popularity, it was the site that replaced things like "friendster", "Myspace" "Facebook" and "Twitter" in online involvement, scandal, and everything else, now that I look back. Now? the mainstream has moved on. Us long timers get the fun of still using it with a better crowd.

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