ana voog (ana) wrote,
ana voog

ah, i know what to do now

when i have links and media stuff i want to share with you i will put it on my facebook.

because i can never access anything from the past there, but it won't matter if is just links i've found on the net. that won't bug me as much. i will use it for chit chat and what is going on in the world and stuff.

and then for HERE, this will contain my actual personal thoughts/diary etc so that i CAN access what i have actually written and done in my life here (which is why i came back here because facebook it is impossible to access what you were doing a year ago today, for example. yes they have the "timeline" but that is not the same as a calendar i can click on a specific day)

anyway. ya i think that is how i will deal with it.
because facebook is more of a share links place and not so much a "let's talk about our feelings" place.

so i am going to try it like that. because i still want to use facebook for something, because it is good for certain things.
but being a place to journal is NOT one of them.
Tags: the facebook dilemma

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