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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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ah, i know what to do now
side face
when i have links and media stuff i want to share with you i will put it on my facebook.


because i can never access anything from the past there, but it won't matter if is just links i've found on the net. that won't bug me as much. i will use it for chit chat and what is going on in the world and stuff.

and then for HERE, this will contain my actual personal thoughts/diary etc so that i CAN access what i have actually written and done in my life here (which is why i came back here because facebook it is impossible to access what you were doing a year ago today, for example. yes they have the "timeline" but that is not the same as a calendar i can click on a specific day)

anyway. ya i think that is how i will deal with it.
because facebook is more of a share links place and not so much a "let's talk about our feelings" place.

so i am going to try it like that. because i still want to use facebook for something, because it is good for certain things.
but being a place to journal is NOT one of them.

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Isn't it fun, that all the old LJ posts are still right here! !!

Waiting to be read and enjoyed again.

=== === ===

back when an LJ post was five looong paragraphs, and in no freaking way limited to 140 characters or one-line status updates.

ya except when i left this place, i deleted about 99% of everything (but all the posts are archived on my site in ana2.com....but not all the replies and conversations)

i wish i had not done that now because i'd like to go back and reread.
but at the time i was in a huge purging cycle.

wait, are you saying that LJ now limits the length you can post? and we have to edit it down to a certain size now?

i thought that is why we have lj cut
we still have lj cut right?

ANA ... if LJ is limiting posts, I've not been hitting that limit, and some of my book reviews have been pushing 2,000 words!

i would say that... FB's for chit-chat or as they say in the biz, jib-jab!


we have now lived through 5 ends of the world !!

; )

Welcome back, {{{Ana}}}

I have missed your trance missions from the Anaverse ;^)

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