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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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trying out the semagic again
iconz by rouk
oh semagic application. how i have missed your sweetness :)

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updated all my links. yowza. so many new ones.

anacam (my main website) ana2 (anacam archives. go here to access) facebook fan page tumblr yahoo group wikipedia pinterest souncloud deviantart my discography youtube vimeo blogger etsy twitter flickr

can that get any more complex! why yes it can!
i haven't even added defunct my space accounts and go donly know what else i've forgotten

I have been leaning toward semagic and LJ again! You have convinced me!
How is new semagic?

it's just like it always was, as far as i can tell.
totally easy to use!
it feels good to be back here. facebook is a void that gives a facade of interaction. i don't see 95% of anything anyone writes.

BTW, you cn find an LJ app for the ipod and use available wifi to send messages to LJ with it.

ooo ya! i gotta figure out how to connect the ipod to my wifi!

i look forward to your updates. i was on a mac platform when i was actively using LJ now since i have been forced to the darkside, look forward to having an interface that does more of what i want it to. i am learning more every day =)

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