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trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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thinking of coming back here
i am thinking of coming back here. it's driving me nuts how fb has no calendar option to go back and see what you wrote on a specific day. that's maddening. and they filter my friends list feed so i don't see everyone's posts. frackbook.

i am in the process of archiving all my fb stuff onto my site and calling it "the facebook years"

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Welcome back! I still like LJ and MySpace so much more than Facebook. I had such high hopes for google+ replacing Facebook.

The worst thing about FB is how they just ... seeming on a whim ... CHANGE things - like what you mention about filtering the stream to what THEY think you want to see!

Plus, I really miss having a full range of HTML over here ... it makes me nuts when I can't italicize or bold over there.

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italicize, bold, multiple images or links in a post, links under texts and photos, threaded comments, basically all the functionality lj had while Zuckerberg was still in grade school.

Of course, some of "the old gang" never abandoned LJ ... but it's a lot smaller collection that I was Way Back When.

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i'm trying out a whole bunch of new things but no one has a simple calendar system like LJ does.
hands down easiest way to find out what you wrote.
tumblr is nice but no one can comment!
blogger is ok but it seems i cannot block anyone?
and their calendar system is not so hot.
i dunno.
there is no perfect solution.
and i hear lj goes down a lot here now and is very unreliable.
however i can't beat it for ease of finding my posts...people replying...banning and deleting, etc...everything really i want except reliability it seems.

ANA ...

There have been some connectivity issues here over the past year, but they've been intermittent and infrequent. The worst (for me) was when the image server was having issues and I wasn't able to upload pics for a couple of days. However, LJ has, generally speaking, been fine. I still use this as the main node for all by book reviews (both in my primary journal and over on btripp_books), and it's never been inconvenient enough for that to "be a problem" for me.

The one thing that's happening at LJ that didn't "back in the day" is that they get frequent DOS attacks, and I think that's because they're now a Russian company and there are Russian hackers looking to get "a feather in their cap" for taking down a high-profile service like LJ. Fortunately, so far, these usually just slow things down, and not stop them ... although there were a few days when LJ had to "triage" its services and made things like the Profile pages unavailable for a time.

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I also keep hearing about LJ problems...and then never experiencing such personally...so I don't know. Facebook and tumblr are formats with specific useful applications, but I don't think either would be an adequate replacement for this. I'm glad to see you. <3

You'll find a lot of people will appear... strange place, a lot of us 'old folks' are still here.

have been here all along, even though I post mostly through dreamwidth

we miss you girl

Nice to see you posting again.

I hope you do come back and start posting here. The landscape is different now.

how is it different? i would be interested to know!

Well, my perception of the difference has been largely a decline in membership in the American side of the service. In short, you'll have some people who are still here and glad to see you back posting, but so many people seem to have actively drifted away for various reasons - the popular ones seemed to be things like:

1. Ownership by Russia
2. uncontrolled spam that is Russian in nature.
3. Occasional denial of service attacks when something big politically is going on in Russia (although LJ has been working to minimize or prevent those after the first time it happened - it's been mild ever since, and they still do offer credits for downtimes/disturbances in serice.)
4. The shiny appeal of different communication mediums that in my opinion, have bloomed with the popularity of smartphones, which also changes people's availability or desire to be at a full sized keyboard and screen. I would imagine it's harder than hell to blog frequently with any substance on a smartphone. And to me, Twitter and Facebook and similar sites are not 'blogging' by definition.

But there are people who are coming back, or try to. For the reasons above (or others) that they've left, they seem to feel by their own admission that they don't know what to write anymore, or feel like what they do is worth writing down. But it's a habit. A lifestyle. You have to get back to where you were when you were actively doing it and liking it. There's time and room to do so, if you enjoy it.

That's the primary thing I notice. And for lower attendance, there's less feedback and interaction. It can't be hard to re-grow a group again if you have content here that isn't on other places, or that can't be presented easily elsewhere - but that's the problem - so much of digital media has been optimized or dumbed down to satisfy the demand for mobile people with postage stamp sized screens, which are now re-growing to tablet size, but that's comparatively early as a trend.

The one thing (if I had a voice or influence upon you) I'd encourage you to do (per another commment you had made) is to not just robotically pipe stuff to LJ via one app that sends it everywhere. It feels a bit insincere on a platform like this which enables so much powerful writing to go with any mix of multimedia. Even now, there are people who simply forward their twitter links to LJ, and I can't understand the appeal of that -it's like spam to me. If I have a Twitter account, I'm reading them there. If I don't like Twitter, then seeing a link here to go THERE isn't really an appealing thing to do, for example. LJ just isn't another place to automate as a drop-off point for a mass communication that would fit 'everywhere', to me. Although I support the right of you to do what you want in your own journal, of course.

That's my spontaneous answer to your question. I like it here, and have still remained posting, but it's a shift in the way things were even 2 or 3 years ago. I hope you'll find the time and habit to come back and write and share regularly like you used to.

thanks for your insight :)
yes, i agree i don't want to just forward stuff here.
but i do fwd stuff to my twitter :)
i don't have time to be on everything so i have narrowed it down to LJ to write my personal stuff, facebook to share links and stories i find on the net, and tumblr and pinterest for photo sharing.
and twitter...well that is a bit of a "forwarding" dumping ground for my stuff. i don't see that as a place to have a real conversation but simply to let people know i am active in other places and where to find me

Ok, I can see how that would work. Twitter has its positive uses (I'm still learning to find them) and it does make sense to be used in that way for its format and style. Glad you'd be sitting down for some direct writing here, even if directed elsewhere for context or interest. Here is where conversations can be had - the format for other mediums just don't do it as well as this one, even though they all spawned from a sort of swiss army knife style need to include what was here while adding other features, which has failed.

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