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iconz by rouk


trance missions

from thee ana m0thership

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some photos from my show last night at the belmore :)

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Very cool ... and it's nice to see you here again!

ya, i am thinking of coming back here. it's driving me nuts how fb has no calendar option to go back and see what you wrote on a specific day. that;s maddening. and they filter my friends list feed so i don't see everyone's posts. frackbook.

You should! Even though after this time you'd need to make some new LJ friends.

I totally share your pain about Facebook ... I barely use it anymore. This place is infinitely better.

this place IS infinitely better

Good shots, you look great. The facial expressions they caught are awesome. Brooke is of course cute as a button and looks like she was doing a great job as a side person.

she is cute as a button and makes excellent toast :)

Both attributes are good to have in a friend, especially on stage

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